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hai is an enterprise solution that allows you to speak directly to your data. gone are the days of complex dashboards and analysis that only a handful of people can do. hai allows you to text or speak to a AI-powered Data Scientist in your pocket.


Built with the very best speech recognition and NLU systems. hai gets smarter as you use it.


We deploy on site and your data never leaves the building.


Unique to you and your company. We incorporate your data and optimize down to the employee.



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What is hai?

hai is a powerful tool for retrieving your company’s critical data. You’ll have real time access to intuitive charts, graphs and tables all through a simple app with speech interface.


How does it work?

We deploy on-site, connect to your database, then train our powerful a.i. to understand your company’s specific language set. You’ll get instant access to data that would previously have taken days to report.


We have a very particular database setup. Is your system compatible?

Yes! Our developers and data scientists will work with you directly to make sure Hai integrates perfectly with your data structure.


What they’re saying about us

We’ve spent millions on accumulating big data, but didn’t have the math degrees to do anything with it. hai gives me the insights I need without hiring an extra team of analysts.
– VP Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Fortune 500

And now… introducing the hai Control Center!

The control center is an easy to use web app that partners with hai to deliver you even more powerful artificial intelligence. Customize your app, add new data sources, and manage connections with ease.

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